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Wellness is a dynamic process whereby individuals and communities become aware of and make positive choices in creating and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Wellness is the understanding and integration of the relationship of mind, body and spirit into one's philosophy of living. There are seven dimensions of wellness that encompass all aspects of daily life. Rather than focus on one dimension, it is important to establish a balance among these different areas. To remember these seven dimensions of wellness, remember the word BELIEFS.

Body: Making a commitment to maintain a healthy body by eating well balance meals and exercising regularly in addition to developing responsible decisions concerning sex, alcohol, drugs and tobacco.

Emotions: Awareness and acceptance of one's feelings and emotions and the ability to cope with problems that arise in everyday life.

Livelihood: Gaining personal satisfaction and fulfillment through your occupation.
Intellect: Involves being open to new concepts and ideas and having a curiosity to seek out new experiences.

Environment: Involves establishing a positive relationship with and an appreciation of the animate and inanimate world.

Friends / Family: Having the ability to foster interpersonal relationships that are comfortable and do not harm others.

Spirit / spirit: A process of looking within and exploring ones values and beliefs in order to discover a source of inner strength and serenity.