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Fitness program by email + phone, yes it's unbelievable isn't it ? we do it 4 you.
Do you have 30, 40, even 50 pounds or more to lose.....  then you have got to keep reading....

Hello my name is Abbas Hussain  IDEA Certified Personal Trainer (u.s.a), SCHWINN Certified bronze level instructor (Switzerland), REP’S advanced instructor level-3 and teacher. London).

My “fitness works personal training program” will include: a personalized weekly design of your weight training program, aerobic program, and nutrition program. we communicate weekly via e-mail and or phone to review your previous weeks goals, successes and challenges, and also set your new goals for the following week. You will also receive e-mails to educate, motivate and empower you.

My “Personal training program” emphasizes personal control and independence, is cost-effective and in a short period of time you will be “Empowered” with the knowledge and will have experienced the “Results” to continue on your lifetime journey to a healthy, fit, and firm body.

“ Revolutionary Online Personal training program” Guaranteed To Get You Measurable Results In 12 Weeks Or Your Money Back !! "

Our Gold Program

Consists of a structured 20 minute phone call every week.  We will discuss the previous weeks' goals achieved and those not achieved, your challenges and how to overcome them and your successes, we will also personalize your cardio-strength-nutrition for the following week.  You will also receive 1 to 2 weekly e-mails to help educate and empower you to continue on your own after the 12 week program.

Our Silver Program
This program includes 6 phone calls along with your weekly e-mails.
Our Bronze Program
This program includes 3 phone calls along with your weekly e-mails.
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