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Our Mission

To encourage, support, motivate and inspire our valued clients to make safe and effective progress in their life journeys of fitness, health and wellbeing.
Our Vision
Metamorphis will be recognised as a genuinely friendly and caring place where the client's happiness and health are of primary concern. We will always provide the highest quality training within a well-appointed, non-threatening environment.
Our Values
We show our clients love, concern and compassion. We draw on wisdom and knowledge to share and guide in areas of health, fitness and nutrition. Our aim is to live life with abundance, enthusium and happiness and to encourage our clients to do the same. Fitness king gym offers a space of tranquility where trying is succeeding. We respect the courage it takes to make changes in your life. We assist clients in seeking balance and peace in their lives.
Code and ethics
# treat people with respect, whether they are members or not.
# be honest about what the club can and cannot provide; never break a promise.
# maintain a high level of expertise among all staff members. Upgrade their training on an ongoing basis.
# design individual fitness programs that include safe and realistic goals.
# design programs based on logical ,safe ,progressive steps achieved with proper pacing. build on success.
# be responsive to the needs and concerns of the clients.
# make sure that the members understand the purpose and safe operation of the equipment they are using.
# maintain a clean, bright and enjoyable environment for working out.
# be accountable for policies and actions that directly affect clients.