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 philosophy & origin    

  Fitness king believes in motion. Here by wants to get to your knowledge that all things in life are in motion. Everything needs to move, living and non-living things benefit from motion.
 The Earth is in constant motion as is the weather and the Universe, animals and people, cells die and grow to bring new life, the wind provides fresh air to breath and rain falls to bring vital water to all parts of the planet.


Its this constant motion that keeps everything alive. As a society we move from house to house, city to city, we move forward with technology and we have covered the planet.

There can be movement without life, but no life without movement. Animals need exercise. Most wild animals are very healthy because they are physically active. If they're not, they usually die. Survival of the fittest.

They have to move to get food and avoid being food. This keeps their bodies well exercised. We humans are animals. And with a few exceptions, we have been very healthy animals for centuries. The dominant animal, in fact.
But today, there is a large portion of the population that is becoming steadily unhealthy. These people suffer from lack of exercise and poor diet. The reasons are simple, modern 'conveniences,' such as ' fast food' and effort saving devices like remote controls and automobiles have made us soft and physically weak. Technology is not going to go away, but our physical bodies will wither if we don't keep them healthy. What good is a strong mind without a strong body to carry it around?
The old saying stands true "use it or lose it." If you don't use your muscles, they will atrophy (shrink) and be lost. The opposite is true too. If you use them more they will hypertrophy (grow) and one will find them self more vital. We must find ways to keep the body physically fit. We must move that body.

This is how fitness king was born keeping motion as its main concept in fitness and helping people to keep fit bodies. Exercise is a great way to relieve tension, depression, stress, help fight off infections, improve self-esteem and self-worth and just feel better about ones self both physically and mentally.