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Vikas Roy  
I have been a member of fitness king for over two years. I enjoy training there so much that I have had six of my friends sign up for membership. I have worked out at many gyms over the course of many years, but fitness king is by far the best. I like the staff, the equipment, and the atmosphere at this gym. I have found that I have gone much further in attaining my fitness goals since I have been a member.
Fitness king is where I began to train. I was overweight. It helped me lose body fat and gain muscle weight. I got much stronger through the months of difficult training and dieting. The fitness king training system is great, and the gym is not intimidating. It is a great place to lift at.
Sawan Kumar  
Fitness king is a great fitness center. Since joining, Iíve gone from working out once in a while to working out everyday. The staff is wonderful, the whole place is clean, and the equipment is in great condition. I now enjoy working out.
I like this gym. It has a good variety of equipment, it is clean, and it has a staff always willing to help you out.
Fitness king is the place to start an exercise program. The staff is the greatest and very helpful.
Iíve been a member of fitness king since January 2000, and I have found the staff to be friendly and helpful. The free weights and machines are set up perfectly for the type of workout I need. The place is extremely clean!
Fitness king is a very comfortable gym to work out in. Thereís always a staff member close by to help or answer any questions about your workout. When you come to fitness king you get a spectacular workout.
Rahat khan
This is the best gym I ever trained in. It is spacious and clean, and the staff is great. There is a very friendly environment here. I would recommend it to anyone.
Taufiq hussain
I joined King Fitness on day one, and the personable staff and great training equipment has kept me here ever since! It has been a great help towards my overall well-being and helping me to reach my fitness goals. Thanks to all.
Rizwan & Asad
Fitness king gym is worth working out and we have so many gyms nearby still we come to F.K. gym which is supposed to be too far from our place but we love to workout here cause we have a support from the expert trainer Abbas sir who is a good motivator , excellent teacher and a friend .
Bobby and sunita
We really like different workouts like body pump, step aerobics, weight training taught by Abbas and itís really fun and worth learning with lot of combo technique, and every day itís a different workout and the feeling is really good and we never feel bore .The music is really good and the collection is fantastic.